Product Design Process

5-8 weeks duration

1 week lead time

Delivrables: JTBD Workshop, UX Research, IA, Wireframes, Usability Testing, UI Mockups (Figma), Design System

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We’ve developed a unique design delivery framework that usually delivers results in 5-8 weeks. It uses the industry-proven methodologies Jobs-to-be-Done, for identifying product flaws and opportunities for growth, and Design Sprint for solving and testing product problems, leaving out the trendy UX fillers most companies don't need.

Week 1  

Discovery Week

Jobs-to-be-Done session
Mini Design Sprint workshop
Stakeholders & user interviews
Data analysis & market research
The most important “jobs”
 and “red routes” for your users
Identified, data-backed solutions
Low-fidelity wireframes

Week 2  


Business Design Strategy
User journey map
High-fidelity wireframes of key user flows

Week 3  


Testing with real users
Performance analysis
User testing results and findings
High-fidelity wireframes of the whole product

Week 4  


UI exploration based on the brand identity
User interface (UI) design
UI direction
UI of key user flows

Week 5  

Execution on scale

User interface design
Building your design system
Design system
Final UI of the whole product

Note: Some projects may require more or less than 5-8 weeks depending on the complexity of the product and the project scope.

Why people love working with Design Beats

"The most impressive thing about Design Beats is the level of quality that they have provided us with, we dealt with others agencies the market before and never seen this level of quailty before"

Aly Dabbous

UX Lead at EFG-Hermes

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"Design Beats are the only google design sprint experts in the region and provide exceptionally functional and well designed digital products. We have been using them for 3 years and we are not about to change that."

Abdelrahman Sharaawy

CEO @ Vapulus

"It was extremely efficient, every meeting had a clear purpose, and no time was wasted to get things done."

Mokhtar Osman

CEO @ Tyro-app

And why Design Beats?

Working with Design Beats, you are plugging your company into a well-oiled product machine you would normally only find in companies like Facebook or Google.

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